[Basic] How To Upload A Custom Skin/Avatar On VRChat.

Unity ► https://unity3d.com/unity/qa/patch-releases/5.6.3p1
VRChat SDK ► https://vrchat.com/
Skins ► https://www.models-resource.com
Mixamo ► https://www.mixamo.com/

Useful Information:

Forgot to mention that you can also choose a skin in game from the avatar servers just search for “Avatar” in the Worlds tab, and pick a server. That’s how most people get theirs, but you need to do it every time you log in.

2:40 You need your character to be in a T-Pose or else it might not work uploading to Mixamo or editing the bones in Unity. Although there’s some exeptions I manage to work around like:
Although if your character is not humanoid like a tree or something put .fbx and original pose (.fbx) in the Mixamo download window and skip the bone mapping part in Unity, just leave as generic and it should work ;D

3:00 If you character is white in Mixamo it should still be fine in Unity, but make sure the textures are also exported in the Mixamo folder, just go to the original character folder and drag all the textures into the mixamo folder.

4:19 Don’t press any of the animations on the left or else it’s gonna look weird in unity like it did for me (that’s why I got confused in the video). When you press “download” A different window will pop up in Mixamo just put in Collada (.dae) and T-Pose.

4:34 If you character looks fine in Mixamo but weird in Unity try to choose .dae and original pose (.fbx) before you download it from Mixamo. Thanks Kotach and Bonkaholic! 🙂

5:40 If you can’t drop the folder just restart Unity.

6:31 Sometimes your character will massive when you import it, in that case just put really small numbers in the scale like 0.002 or someting.

10:44 If you have more than 20 000 polygons follow this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W_AKmqJGY8

10:54 If the bar gets stuck double check that you have the 5.6.3p1 version or it might be the VRChat servers who’s playing tricks on you, just try again later ;/

13:03 You need to log in with your VRChat account instead of you steam account, since it’s there you upload your skins.

I was really tired when I made this video so sorry for muttering from time to time. ;Y

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