DIY SLIME DEACTIVATOR!!! How to Soften Slimes Using These GENIUS HACKS!

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Before making my Souffle Slime video, I honestly didn’t know that slime de-activation was possible! I was fascinated by the “Slime Softener” liquid and many of you were equally curious. There were lots of requests for DIY slime de-activator, along with tons of great theories on what it could be. Acid, glycerine and baby oil were the most popular ones. I decided to test out 5 different ideas and was really amazed by the results.

Glycerine (also called glycerol) turned out to be the unexpected winner. I was really surprised since I can’t figure out the chemical process by which it could have such an effect on slime. Glycerine is fairly non-reactive, colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid. It’s basically a “thicker” version of water and used to add or retain moisture in many things. I’ve used glycerine before to make DIY lip gloss, and it’s also found in many cosmetics & body products (e.g lotion, which also works as a slime softener!)

The acid slime de-activators made more sense since the process of making slime is very pH sensitive. Slime is a chemical reaction between borate and PVA under alkaline pH conditions. This is why baking soda is needed in many recipes to create the alkaline pH. Powdered borax, soap or shaving cream already have an alkaline pH so these contribute to the reaction.

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