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  • Bekanne Miller

    I like it when vloggers provide the location, even if it's only the state because people considering buying land to homestead need a realistic expectation of property taxes. Some locations taxes are very low. Others, like Florida, there is a large gap based on location within the state. An acre outside of city limits can be $600 yr or $3,000 yr. Just saying location can influence the decision as much as climate or natural resources.

  • Бѣло Море

    Just found out about your Channel and as far as I have been searching some introduces to Permacultural living yours are the simplest and the most easiest to be understood by most of the people watching here, including me, who don't have a clue in farming due to the range of knowledge urban living offers. I'll keep following you! Hail!

  • zero7negative

    I make 100 yards of high quality compost a year. Sell it at $50 a yard. I make biochar. $15 for a 20lbs bag. Worm castings and the worms themselves. I sell veggie starts & produce. I'm looking into doing a head of beef, broiler birds, and a few pigs. Sadly, here in CA. Chickens & eggs are hard to make any kind of decent money on. So I'd be doing it for self consumption. I'd like to make jerky. Add that to the side hustle.

  • Steve Cross

    We do raw milk and pastured pork. $10.00 per gallon and 6 gallons per day 7 days a week.Basically the same income as a full time minimum wage job. Not legal in every state. Extra milk goes to yogurt and the whey goes to the pigs. Like you we get weaners and raise them to butcher weight.

  • Connor Orella

    Hey my name is Connor I'm 23 my wife and I are trying to get rolling a little we raise quail and and rabbit and chicken we are struggling to get a foot in the door selling product and are struggling to figure out what laws and permits we need to abide do you have any tips to help us we love to home stead want to grow but we are having a rough time in the sales part of things thanks for time ?

  • wantitok

    I live here in New Mexico I'm building a animal sanctuary next to the National Forest have a hundred sixty Acres seeking a woman that would like to live off-grid if you're interested please feel free to get back with me Jim

  • Arkyhomesteader

    I have a sawmill that I purchased when we first bought the land we live on, I built most of the buildings with lumber I made with it. After I retired I opened a website and now I cut and sell lumber for customers. It brings in a little extra income. I also have started a you tube channel hopefully it will do the same some day. Keep up the great channel!  Arky Rick

  • Hase :3

    Honestly, I'm only 17 atm and I'm planning out everything I need to for a future in something like this along with my girlfriend who is as equally obsessed with farming and agriculture as I am with biology and animals. We want to start when we're older and have steady jobs and good enough time management.
    And something though that might be a problem with how much time I'll have is my dream career. Our dream careers.. I want to be a teacher for highschool level Biology, working 5 days a week, and she also wants to be a teacher. Biology and animals have been my passion since I was very young. Especially genetics, and I've always wanted to have a small farm. I plan on having on my property Nubian goats, chickens or ducks, guineas, milk cows (any suggestions for specific breeds would be nice, minis would be amazing!), and maybe a couple mini horses. My whole family, up until my mother went to college (waaaayyy before I was born), were farmers and they raised mostly beef cows and had chickens, sheep, horses, and goats on the property as well as guineas and ducks and also had multiple gardens for fruits, veggies, and flowers. They made a decent amount of money all year 'round and owned 30+ acres of land most of it for farming crops and trees. (I'll never be able to have that much land, but I'm hoping to be working with at least 3-5 acres.)
    And living with my mom for the past 17 years of course she influenced me in this lifestyle and I joined 4H, agriculture clubs at school, worked with horses and other barnyard animals over the span of my life, and I think I generally have good experience and knowledge in working with animals and agriculture.
    But the thing is since no reliable family members are left, I can't really get any advice or tips for starting my own little farm and I could use as much help as possible information-wise, videos are helpful but aren't that personalized and so I'd like just some opinions or tips.
    Thank you. c':

  • Roger Plessen

    You have the perfect opportunity to pray and live a Godly life! Be prepared to be more or less self sufficient. A suggestion: whatever you do produce for yourself make several more and sell or barter the extra. Also diversify. And you may wind up working a full time job in a city nearby and homesteading as a part time hobby. Picture spending 10 hrs going to work working and dfiving home then weeding the garden and animals grabbing a basket of vegies from the garden collecting the eggs and maybe milking a goat then after 2 or 3 hours stumbling into your house to put out fires and soothe wife and children and give them love and some attention and hit the sack at 11 oclock like a dead man….then up at 4am to do it all over and that's if a good neighbor does not come over. or a friend calls etc etc etc. Paradise??? Ben there, done that! You have to have an easy workable system that allows you to have at least 4 hours of uncommitted time a day and at least one day a week for rest and family pleasure and spiritual growth. OR YOU WILL BURN OUT!

  • Anita Page

    Very Informative video! So many young families really NEED this info ( whether they are in a traditional house or a homestead. The planning of how to manage finances, acquire skills that are sales worthy is what we need to show people who have been living on Public Assistance so that they can not only raise their income but also their self-esteem and skill levels! Are you available to make a video that can teach this life skill? You have certainly brought the discussion up in an enlightening manner! Enjoyed this immensely! Thanks so much! My "side hustle is selling Travel websites so that people can either direct folks to retail Companies to book their travel as well as earn commission on travel booked by their business associates, family and friends. I'd like to share this on Faacebook, Instagram and Pinterest! All the best for continued success!

  • Louie Hangad

    sir i am starting my own small farm business after graduating college its more like a homestead i raised laying hens and pastured broiler, also i raised 4 hogs for selling. I just wonder is it more effective if i would raise my own saw than buying piglets from other farmers? Thank you .. I am a full time farmer btw.